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Kalles Kaviar
The Situation: How does one connect a well known brand to a cause, and how does the brand's voice interact with the cause's message? And how does a brand choose a solid cause collaboration and speak on a truly human level, while incorporating marketing strategies that increase awareness and giving.
The Landscape: Our team was given the topic of "child mortality". We chose to focus specifically on infanticide - and even more specifically - on female infanticide. India is one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to this devastating topic, with 7.9% of India's women considered "missing". How can we create awareness with American women, and not only start a conversation, but activate a meaningful donation based campaign.
The Problem: Education is the biggest factor in reducing the “son preference” perpetuation. Access to media, added with education, also significantly reduces son preference. The highest cases of infanticide in India occur in smaller, more secluded villages where access to both of these things are limited. It is imperative to increase this access in order to decrease the numbers of infanticide.
The Solution: Pair two organizations that seem worlds apart, but actually have very similar goals: The Gulabi Gang of India & Kate Spade New York. The first will be the voice of the mission, and as the leaders who will spread education and access to media to India's more remote villages. The latter will be the voice of the cause, and driver of the donations needed to fund the education initiative in India.
Positioning: What we consider a gift, others throw away. 
Creative: A visible link between the design of the products for sale with the cause itself, and location of where the problem occurs. The voice should speak to the positioning. 
Strategy, Brand Engagement - Kate Stewart, Jacob Huber, Sta'Sean Ridley, Luisa Contaifer
Art Direction, Design, Hashtag - Kate Stewart

Gulabi Gang receives first round of funds and is able to travel

to five villages they were unable to reach before. 

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