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The Butterfly Effect
Initially part of a class assignment to design a board game for senior citizens - I was in charge of creating the look and feel of the game and bringing it to life, visually. Being the huge history nerd that I am, had a fabulous time coming up with the questions and answers along with the images to create the look and feel of this imagined board game.
The game is based on the "butterfly effect", the idea that one small change can have drastic consequences on the future.

Role: Strategist, designer, copy
So that the game would never get old, boring, or repetitive, I thought creating supplemental "history packs" would be a nice way to keep game players engaged (as well as continue revenue).

Perhaps someone is particularly interested in the Tudor era, or the history of Versailles - they would love adding on these packs to their original board game and including questions focused around these subjects into their play.
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