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iHeart Media
The Assignment: Create a business-to-business strategy to help increase advertising sales with iHeart Media.
The Situation: People still think of just "radio" when they think of iHeart. Media planners and advertisers aren't aware of all of iHeart's capabilities and what the company has to offer.
The Landscape: iHeart is available through a streaming app, YouTube channels, Snapchat, and holds incredibly successful concerts and awards shows. But guess who else has apps, streaming services, and personalities beyond just the music - Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Google Play. 
The Solution: Leverage the celebrity on every level, from DJ to artist. Show advertisers what sets iHeart apart from every other music company - their power wielded by their relationship to the celebrity. Solidify the notion that iHeart is the music authority available wherever you are, on whatever device you want to listen to, allowing personal access to the world of music. 
Brand Management - Kate Stewart, Adeel Shams
Strategy - Pat Grayhack
Copywriter - Jacob Pankey
Art Direction - Sara Carr, Rachel Wyse
My Role: Helped create strategy and solidify what iHeart can offer as a brand in relation to its competitors. Let my creatives know that I would absolutely go in and call Ryan Seacrest a "secret lizard man" to the client. Oh, and supplied mountains of McDonald's french fries at midnight.
Positioning: The gatekeeper to unparalleled access - iHeart differentiates itself from its sound bound competitors and claims the mantle of celebrity pop culture.
Creative Concept: There probably isn't a shadowy organization that controls the music industry, and allocates wealth and fame to certain people and businesses..But if there was it would look like iHeart.
Print & Messaging
Press Kit for Advertisers
It was important to extend the idea of iHeart's power to the potential advertisers. With the press kit, the advertiser becomes part of this "secret club" of fame and power - a part of the iHeart family.
What if every time you saw celebrities together, you were wondering if they were secretly up to something else?
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