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The Assignment: Envision the future for this brand, and what does it look like?
The Landscape: If you're between the ages of 20 to 35, your story is about Instant Messenger - and the away messages, profile pages, song lyrics, breakups and triumps that occured therein. For many, AOL is synonymous with their first internet experiences, but that message has gotten lost amid a crowded marketplace and user apathy.
The Situation: AOL's recent focus has been quick, massive growth. Most people don't realize that Engadget, TechCrunch and Huffington Post are just three of AOL's many subsidiaries. However, 42% of Americans interact with AOL in some form every single month.  Most users have no idea.
The Solution: We sought to remind people of what AOL provided: access.  Whether it was through literal internet access (discs by mail) or access to communication with friends, AOL was a central and vital company.  We wanted to prove just how vital they still are, and can be - by providing subsidized internet access,and thereby increasing the number of Americans who The subsidy program works by allowing 1) Verizon (who owns AOL) customers to pay a minimal additional amount per month, or 2) non-Verizon customers to donate.
Positioning: Everyone
deserves the internet.
Creative Concept: Everyone deserves the
weirdness of the internet.
Our Promise: AOL is getting
America Online.
My Role: This was a team where truly, no one was "siloed" based upon their track name.  We all worked together seamlessly in creating what was easily one of the most fun projects I have worked on at my tenure at Brandcenter.
Brand Management - Kate Stewart
Strategy - Steven Ebert
Copywriter - Scott Dobbin
Art Direction - Tori McGoogin
UX - Mikaila Weaver
The internet is weird.
Everyone deserves the weirdness.
Out of Home
It only makes sense to have out of home marketing in places where internet is usually either non-existent, or hard to get.
We actually made 26 videos.
If you would like to enjoy more of the weirdness, please feel free to check them out by clicking HERE.
Your screen name is like a window
to your soul.
Okay, not really.
But it can certainly tell you a lot about a person. My screen name was, "Danserfey", which means "to dance like a fairy".
Yep, real cool, I know.
How can people donate? Through the
AOL micro-site, allowing Verizon customers to donate monthly via their phone or internet bill, and anyone to donate online.
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